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Tennis Academy
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Tennis Academy

We will get the best out of you and create a champ!

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 Slogan invented by Alisa Brackovic


Tennis Analyzer - Features


:: Single matches
:: Endless players and matches
:: Create a match
:: Every match will be displayed
:: History for each player
:: Every position of any hit will be recorded
:: Scoring includes: Forhand, Backhand, 1st/2nd
.. Service, Return,Volley, Ace, Winner, Out, Fault,
.. Forced error, Net fault. Important points
.. (Deuce, Ad)
:: Game opening
:: TieBreak up to 7 or 10 (CTB)
:: Full Undo
:: Switch between scroing and statistics
..  during the match
:: Add a variety of court surfaces (clay, grass,
.. asphalt, etc.)
:: Add tournaments for each player
Suspend matches

Tennis Analyzer -
Scoring and analyzing matches.

Tennis Anaylzer is a powerfull tool to record tennis matches with a variety of score details. Every hit, also the position, in a rally will be scored and saved. View detailed match statistics as a table or graph. Anaylze all hits like, forhand, backhand, service, volley/smash also ups and downs in matches and important points.


:: Detailed statistics tables
:: Shot tracking on court view with drawing
:: Service Position Ace/Winner/Fault
:: Forhand/Backhand/Return/Volley: In/Winner/Forced
:: error/Fault
:: Important points (Deuce, Ad)
:: Game opening
:: Break points
:: Match Time
:: View every shot percentage
:: Filter Rallies <4 and <6


:: Score Junior tennis matches
:: Manage endless players and matches
:: Easy to record tennis matches
:: Live tennis scoring for others to view tennis
.. matches as they  are played
:: Improve your tennis play by comparing tennis
.. stats with any player
:: Learn which type of serve or shot works best
.. versus any opponent
:: See your players performance in important
.. situations
:: Analyze game openings to elaborate match
.. strategies

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